The End Is Nigh!


Okay not really but it’s so fucking hot! What the hell is up with this weather! I don’t care what Fush says (that typo was on purpose btw) Global Warming does exist and it is man made! Not that I’m doing anything to help because I just bought a second small AC for my apartment. I had to. The Grand Room (meaning my living/dining/kitchen) was so hot last year because I left the AC in the bedroom. But this year both rooms will be cool.
So I picked up the new AC unit yesterday and got some nice man to carry it up the four flights of stairs for me. I love the restaurant workers that live in my building. I did give a small tip, well tried to. He didn’t take it. I should have offered more money to take the damn thing out of it’s box. I didn’t want to turn it over so that the all the stuff in the condenser would leek out so I pulled and pushed the damn thing out it’s box. Then I had to put it together. The fucking screws wouldn’t fit and I ended up managing to screw in the top rail which had the guides for the accordion things on the sides but I ended up having to duck tape those on because the screws they gave me weren’t long enough, well that and my screw driver sucks. I had a different one when I put my first AC together, I’m sure because that one I got together no problem. After all that I had to put duck tape around the whole unit once it was in the window because my window has very weird tracks around it. I knew I was going to have to do that because I had to do so last year with my unit in my bedroom. It’s not cause it will fall out of the window, it’s more because all this air was coming in and if I didn’t I would be wasting all the cool air!
It may be 95 degrees in my bathroom (I keep the bathroom door closed because the insulation around the sky light isn’t great) it’s a cool 75 in my apartment. Maybe a little warmer because I don’t want my electric bill to sky rocket.
Now I can browse online for more Sim clothes and Sim houses in comfort. Yea! I started to build one house and well I’m tired of it already. I want to rip it down and start over. Ugh! This is why I always use pre-built!

oh P.S. – Brad sad that Mei-Mei is doing fine. He and his wife keep her out of the bedroom because she just seems to want to run across the bed at night and not sleep but she doesn’t meow at the door so she must be doing something. He also says he hasn’t seen her eat but she must be, you know the litter box. She also doesn’t seem to miss being tortured by Emmitt. I’m happy! I know I did the right thing!