This Girl’s got readers…


So I just checked my e-mail and it said that I had a brand new comment that came from a person named Baron. While I was sad to find out that Baron’s spouse had been cheating on him for five years I was all excited because I found out that I had another reader. It gives me faith to actually keep writing this thing. I don’t know if I help anyone or if anyone can help me but at least some one is reading, right?
Anyway I was very upset to find out that to day is the last day that NBC will be showing Conviction. I was so hoping that they might pick up the show again for next season because it was such a good show, granted I was more interested in the couples than the actual court stuff but still, I liked it. I wish since NBC last week that they would have at least changed the advertising to let us know that tonight was the series finale.
I’ve decided that NBC is worse than Fox. Fox kept canceling shows that I liked, okay well they cancelled Firefly, and I haven’t watched that network since then. Last year NBC cancelled Medical Investigation (I can never remember if that show is suppose to have an “s” at the end of it or not maybe it would have been more successful if it did) and I really liked that show because the Duck Man (as Jen and I called him) really just scared me to no end. I know the show wasn’t suppose to be scary and he was suppose to be the protagonist but he was just scary looking and it was fun to actually be scared by something.
Now Conviction is gone. My heart is broken because I really liked this one almost couple on the show and they finally kind of got together, well the guy fessed up and told the girl he was in love with her. But we never found out if they were gonna run of and get married and have lots of lawyer babies and I wanted to know damnit! So that’s just that. Sigh!
So once again when the Primetime Fall 2006 schedule rolls out I will have nothing to watch. Granted I probably shouldn’t want to be home on a Friday night but since I have nothing better to do I would at least like something on TV to distract me from the fact I have nothing better to do with my life than sit at home on a Friday night and watch TV. Geez NBC! You really aren’t helping my self esteem!
Okay it’s 2am almost now and I told my friend Elizabeth that I was going to bed awhile ago. I stayed up and watched ER but now I’m starting to fall asleep typing which is never good and leads to me not finishing my thoughts when I type and well the more likelihood of a cat running across the keyboard and posting my entry before I’m done writing it so I’m going to sign off now and go to bed.
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