The Ways of The World


So I haven’t been doing much lately. Just work, sleep, trying to not to eat, work, sleep, well you get the idea. There really hasn’t been much to write about because while work is just as hellish as ever there really haven’t been any crazy stupid customers coming in. There have been crazy customers and stupid ones even some rude ones too but nothing really extraordinary that warrants being written about.
I’m going on vacation next week with my friend Sue. We are going to Las Vegas and that should be pretty exciting. I hope anyway. LOL. I rented the car last night. I forgot why but for some reason they asked what kind of credit card I was going to be using. Then they didn’t even ask for the number. Very weird huh? They also said that if I wanted to fill in my driver’s license number ahead of time to save time later that I could. I opted not to. You never know what people can do with this stuff right?
One of my friends back from when I watched Angel, back when it was still on TV, told me about a convention that is going on in Florida this July that I would really like to go to. But I’m not sure if I will. I would like to because I think it might be fun but at the same time it’s in Florida, in July, and I need to be saving money for my move because that’s going to be a huge expense.
My move, well… Yeah I still don’t know where I’m going to move to. I talked with my mom last night which was good because I was worried that she and my dad got it into their heads that I would for sure be moving into Maryland. Hell she even said, I’m so excited that you are moving back. But I’m not sure if she really realized it yet. She and I were talking about it and basically it comes down to where I want to be for the next 5 or so years in order to finish up my social work degree, which school has the best program, and if I go to school up here will I still be able to get my LCSW in Maryland.
Part of me really really wants to move. I feel like if I don’t move I’ll regret it. I kind of did last year when I said was going to move. I mean there really is no reason for me to stay. I don’t have a boyfriend, I have a job I hate, and well it costs a ton of money. However, it does cost more to live in DC, can you believe that? Well technically it costs more to live in Maryland in the area that I want to live in. I thought Boston was like the third most expensive city to live in, the first two being New York and Los Angeles, I guess I was wrong.
I would like to move to Los Angeles though, or Santa Fe, but they do not allow ferrets in the state of California, what the hell is up with that! I mean seriously, I know that ferrets aren’t exactly the most domestic looking things but they are cute damn it, and I love Morty! I refuse to move anywhere that won’t let me have my Morty with me! Grr!
Yeah sorry, I got side tracked when I was making sure that I spelled Los Angeles right. I might not have every written this before but I am a horrible speller. I would do good in my grade 3 and grade 4 spelling bees but that’s just because I memorized the vocabulary list. Other than that I’m awful. I remember one time I was doing one of those standardized tests that they make you take around grade 6 and it was the writing portion, I was doing okay but for some reason I got stuck because I forgot how to spell step! A freaking four letter word! I left it blank spot of it and then went back when my brain resumed functioning.
Anyway that’s it for now. Hope that was as fun for you as it was for me *wink*