Going to Florida!


Woohoo! I get to leave in a few short days for Florida to see my little niece Anna Sophia who was born on February 27th. So cool! I’m really excited. I even have a brand new suit case too, so hopefully for a trip that is only gonna be about four days I’ll only have to take 2 bags. I’m such a bad packer I swear. Normally no matter were I go I have at least three bags with me. I don’t know how I do it, I swear, but it always happens!
The only thing about this trip is I have so much to do before it happens. I was so lazy today cause I was going to hang out with Jen but didn’t turn out that way and now I have nothing done. I have to do some laundry tomorrow, I have to pack, I have to go to Porter Square for about an hour, trust me you don’t want to know, then I have to get cat food and litter, which is going to be two different trips because there is no way I can make it one. Unless I take a cab, but still. Ugh, way too much to do!
On the plus side I finally finished the Brenda Leigh Johnson fanlisting! I’m so proud of it. Please check it out! The layout to forever to come up with. Then I had to recolor the pictures. It doesn’t look like a lot of work went into it because there are fewer pictures than I wanted but I was going to have eight, it started to look to crowded after about four though. Here’s the link: http://brenda.ensanity.us
Well that’s it for now. I really should go to bed!