Bored on a Sunday!


So Emmitt was sick a few weeks ago. I don’t remember if I posted about it or not but he was very sick and I was worried that I might have to put him down. So I called my aunt and asked her to please take him and me to the vet. I haven’t really asked her for much of anything since we had our falling out a few years ago. If I posted about it somewhere I’ll link to it later. Anyway to say thank you I told her I would buy her breakfast today. She picked me up at 1pm and now two hours later I haven’t eaten yet because she is working with someone on this documentary short that has been her life for the las serveral years. I don’t mind really but we could have gotten together next weekend. Oh well!
I’ve been doing my laundry and thinking about the Brenda Leigh Johnson fanlisting which I’ve been the go ahead to run. She is the lead character from the TNT show The Closer. I’m really exicited about it.
Oh she is finishing up now. Time to go!