The Sidekick II


So my Cingular contract finally was up and I had to choose between T-mobile and Verizon. It was a hard choice because my whole family is on Verizon but I decided to go with T-mobile because in the end it was cheaper and I really wanted the Sidekick. Plus my contract with T-mobile is only for a year so if I hate it I only have to stay with it for a year. Woohoo!
Speaking of woohoo, part of the reason I haven’t been posting is that I have become addicated to The Sims 2!!! I love that game.

I will have to post pictures later I forced one of my Sims to move out of her house and I tore the house down and moved her back in. The look she had was so funny!
We had a coreprate visit today…
But I have to get back to work now so I try to post more later.