Ugh! Stupid KnowFat!


I’m so mad! I went to KnowFat! with Jen before the movie and I got this Broccoli and Steak Tip wrap because I still had 488 calories left for the day. Well I just found out that the wrap has 555 calories. My goal today was 1300 calories so I went over it by 67 calories which isn’t so bad because I have a grand total of 1367 and my friend Jasmine who is going to be a nutritionist kind was mad at me because she said that I should really be eating more than 1500 calories. So I figure going over 67 isn’t so bad. I’ll just have to be more careful that’s all.
I was really healthy today though. I had two EAS Body for Life shakes one Vanilla and one Strawberry which were 190 calories each and another Chicken BLT salad which I was really proud that I got since I’ve been craving Chicken nuggets.
Tomorrow I have to go into the Vitamin Shoppe though because I left my pill case there tonight and I have to go get it so that I can get my Anaprox and various other drugs. I also bought a mini-pill case for short over night trips so that I don’t have to take my Effexor with me all the time. I worry about losing that one because it’s the more expensive of all my meds. Maybe I’ll buy some Hoodia too because I really would like to eat less. Jen doesn’t think that Hoodia will really help because I’m taking Redline and since that is making me burn calories faster of course I’m gonna get hungry faster and more often. Makes sense but I’d rather try it than not. I liked TrimSpa cause I felt like it was making me eat less. I stopped taking it because I don’t like the new packaging, it causes the pills to brake and swallowing a broken tablet is no fun.
Well time for bed…
In case you were wondering my mom hasn’t e-mailed me back. I’m worried now that I was too harsh. She hasn’t called either. I’m going to call my Aunt tomorrow because she read the e-mail too.