Home again, home again…


So I’m home now. I still have my head cold that I’ve had since last week. I don’t feel like it’s getting any better but my ears didn’t clog up completely like they did a couple of years ago when I flew home for thanksgiving, so that’s a plus. I e-mailed all my MD contacts last night to let them know that I am here now. I spent most of the day sleeping because I had no sleep the previous night and I figure the more rest I get the quicker I can get rid of this cold.
Right now there isn’t much going on here. There never is though. I woke up at 6am and then went back to sleep for a bit. Then my brother and his wife started to wake up and move around so I woke up and took a shower after they were all done. Now I’m doing laundry. I figure by the time my laundry is done I can go out and try to do some X-mas shopping. I have all my gifts for my family but I need some for my friends here. Nothing big, just small little things so they know I care. Maybe I’ll go to Michael’s and buy some little candles and what not. I was reading US Weekly and in the back of the magazine they had little gift ideas, but none of them were under $40. It shocked me because I don’t even spend $40 on my family. X-mas gifts should have a $20 limit when you are as broke as me. My parents are allowed to spend more because well they aren’t broke. They usually do but I didn’t ask for anything big this year so…. Oh I did ask for a new memory stick for my digital camera, but I just asked for it last night. Maybe Daddy and Jed will go out and get it. I doubt it though, probably not till after X-mas, none of us like the crowds at the malls and what not.

I wonder which one of my X-mas gifts people got me. I really hope they got me the Rent CD’s because those are like $25 each and I just can’t spend it on CD’s but Apple has some exclusive or something on it because I looked at the cheaper websites for MP3’s and they didn’t have it.
Well time to go blow-dry my hair. This is going to be such a lazy day. There really is nothing to do. I refuse to make chocolate chip cookies because I went out once yesterday and forgot to buy the things I need to make them, which tells me that I don’t need to make them. That and the 8 dozen cookies we already have because my mom does this cookie exchange thing. But those cookies really are awful. I am not eating any more of them. I tried a couple last night and they were all very bland and weird shaped.
I would go out and buy a book to read but I’m afraid of all the last minute shoppers. They can be vicious, and they don’t care if it was your parking space, it’s theirs now. Evil!
Well happy holidays everyone!