Awake at this awful hour…


So some cat decided that at 1am they were going to run their water bowl into my bedroom door thus waking me out of a sound sleep. I suspect Mei-Mei because she is the only one who I couldn’t find right away when I went outside my bedroom to see what had happened.
I went through and added all of my MovableType entries to my LiveJournal and then I went through and friend set all of the entries. I think now it’s going to be set up at LiveJournal so only my friends can view the entries which I know is weird but I can’t put my disclaimer like I have on this site on every entry there so I figured it’s the best way to keep a small child from running across something they shouldn’t.
So by doing all that I feel like my time awake had been really productive and I thought that I should post another entry to both blogs.

I finally finished making my Christmas cards now all that is left to do is to print them which I plan on doing today/Sunday. It will be a whole day event because once they are printed I have to then go take them to Kinko’s (not sure which one) and get them cut. I wonder if I can take them to Staples instead. I’ll have to go by Staples tomorrow and see if they have an electronic paper cutter.
Also I have to hunt down the ink cartridges that I bought last Christmas and make sure that I have enough before I start printing because let me tell you, getting the front and back part of 40 odd Christmas cards and then not the inside is just not good. I think I remembered to put the cartridges somewhere easy for me to find them, of course that means I will never find them now. Oh well!
Now that I have written this and created a few icons for my LiveJournal I think I’m going to go back to sleep I’ve almost finished Memoirs of a Geisha. I like so far but I felt let down half way through the book, but I think you are suppose to feel that way because the character felt let down. Oh well I hope the movie is good but I don’t know how it will be, the book covers so much of her life I don’t know how a movie could keep up without feeling you are on fast forward the whole time. Which is how I felt with Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. I really think they should have called it Harry Potter’s Adventures in the Tri-Wizard Tournament because that’s really what the movie was about. I liked the movie as a movie separate from the book but I think the WB would be much better off re-naming the movies slightly so that the avid book fan won’t be upset when the movie turns out to be a very abridged version of the movie.
Alright to bed with me and my congested self. Did I mention that I have a horrid head cold? It’s evil! I’m hoping to get rid of it by next week! I need to fly and flying with congestion is so not fun! Evil Vitamin Shoppe and people’s need to come there when they get sick. Don’t they know that I have a weakened immune system so the second they walk in I get infected with whatever they have! Grr!
Well TTYL!