Introducing the Mei Mei Cam


Hi everyone! So about four months ago I got another cat. Yeah I know. Another one. What can I say? I’m a Cancer and since I can’t have a human family I need to have a animal family. Meet Mei Mei, which is Mandarin for little sister. I learned that from Firefly. She is the cutest little thing and is probably about a fourth the size of my other monster cats. Emmitt is not very fond of Mei Mei but Johnson loves her. His only problem with her is that she is a little too active for him. Other than that everything else is cool between them. Morty thinks she is the coolest because she actually tries to play with him. She gets scared sometimes though which is really funny.
Other than that not much going on here. Carle called me and told me that if I didn’t update my blog and log online a few times then I was going to have to fly to Texas so I chose the updating. I barely have enough money to go home for X-mas! Actually it’s kind of funny. I don’t have any money to go home for Thanksgiving. I’m staying here. But Jen’s sister is hopefully going to come up and visit and that should be a fun time.

Since I’m going to be writing a lot more I hope, I’m also going to try to keep track of what I eat. Some days I’m really good. I eat protein shakes, sometimes a bar or too, and then have a frozen meal for dinner. But most of the time I’m bad, I order pizza and what not. But I’m going to turn over a new leaf starting to day and I’m going to start eating better and so I will be writing about it here as well. Sorry! Anyway I haven’t eaten this morning yet but I have an EAS Lite shake waiting for me in my fridge after I take a shower and blow dry my her. Fun, fun!
I know this isn’t very long but there isn’t much going on in my life. I’m in a funk! It’s very evil. I really just need to find a new job to be happy again. The company has just changed too much and I can’t deal. Which means I’ll have to stay in Boston for the next few months unless I can find something online and save up money to fly down to MD for an interview. The only thing would be that I would have to make sure that I have everything packed and ready to go and that My dad would be ready to come up here and help me move all the stuff down to MD. I love my dad! It wouldn’t be till after February though. Sue and I are suppose to go on a trip in January and I can’t leave before that because my tickets fly out of Boston. I can’t change them either because then they will be more then the originally ticket. Maybe if I explain nicely to Airtran. Yeah right. Well we will see.
Still I would feel bad having to move everyone. Emmitt really likes this apartment and well he is who I’m really concerned about right now. I found a lump on behind the shoulder blades of his forepaws. I’m pretty sure that it’s Kitty Cancer but I haven’t decided what to do about it. I don’t have the money to take him to the Vet to have them tell me that it’s Kitty Cancer or that it’s benign. And even if it was cancer I wouldn’t want to make him go through treatment or anything. I really believe that making a cat go to the vet and take meds all the time is just mean. I want Emmitt to be happy and believe me, when I load him up into his medium dog size carrier he is not happy. He hates it!
So now I’m faced with what to do about it. I know this sounds gross but I’ve noticed that he hasn’t had a hard stool in awhile. I don’t really remember when I started to notice but other than that he seems pretty healthy. He is still as bratty as every and likes to try to sit on the keyboard when I type. I’m not sure what to do about him. I think I’m just going to have to let him live out his natural kitty life. I just don’t understand how he got cancer in the first place. I only feed him good food and he gets filtered water and he never ever goes outside. I just don’t get it. So what to do, what to do? Maybe there is a support group for owners of cats with cancer.
Well I have to get ready for work otherwise I’ll be late and there is 10 hours of overtime coming my way this week. Woohoo!