I’m so hungry right now! This really sucks. I can’t believe I have to get up this early in the morning and I can’t eat. I blame my aunt because it’s all her fault in the first place. She called me yesturday and told me that she was gonna take me to brunch at 10am and that I could do laundry in Billerica, only problem is I have to get up before 10am so that I can get everything ready. I swear I’m only collecting my VS shirts, pants, and some socks. I really should do more than that but I don’t want to be there forever.
The LOCI movie is coming on tonight. I”m really excited about it too. VDO and CN together. I could do without that new chick though Annabella whatever her name is. She isn’t anything like my Annabelle who never tries to show off her talents. 😀 Sorry I just don’t like her character. She isn’t at all ike Eames. It’s like the same thing they did when they brought in the Doggett and Reyes dou on The X-files. They switched the roles that the female and male played but other than that not much else changed. They wanted to try to keep the same formula or whatever but it just feels like a cheap ripe off of the original. *sigh*
Well that’s it for now. Can you believe it. It’s been less than a month since I last posted. Pretty amazing if I do say so myself.