Bored, well I’m boring, lol :-D


So I know I haven’t written forever. I haven’t really had much to write about. Last weekend Jen and I went to Delaware for some shopping. Now I don’t have that much money to get through the week. I came home after spending a ton of money to find out that I had to pay my Nstar bill ASAP. So it was food or well heat, computer, hot water. I chose everything else. I was planning on going on a diet anyway.
The good news I am trying to get a transfer to MD. I hope it will go through. I’m not sure it will though. I’m just getting so sick of working with Rob. It’s even worse now that Jen is working with me and is my higher up. We when actually all work it’s great. I love it. But Rob sometimes gets all pissy and that’s no fun. He gets obsessive about the littlest things. Like we can’t clock in until after we change because apparently it adds up to a half an hour each week. Which is total bull but whatever.
Now whenever Jen wants to talk about Billy she can. I don’t know sometimes it just drives me crazy because it’s Billy this and Billy that. It’s almost like she completely forgot that he dumped her over text message.
I also got TiVo recently. I love it. It’s wonderful. Now I can when watch everything without commercials. It’s so much fun. I didn’t have to worry about setting the VCR when Jen and I went away for the weekend. Oh and now I can watch Daria. I love Daria!
So I’m not sure I told everyone but I got a kitten. She is a cutie. Johnson loves her, Emmitt, well he doesn’t hate her. Anyway she is so cute and I named her Mei Mei, it means little sister.
Oh my new favorite show is Related. Okay not favorite but it’s a really good show! It’s so funny.
Anyway there isn’t anything else going on. Tell me what you want. I’ll try to write more later.