OMG so annoying…


It’s like 100 degress outside, okay not really but it feels like it. The AC at the store is dying. My new manager Rob is a total flake who only thinks about sales and forgets that we can’t sell it if it’s not on the shelf. Oh and someone on my floor smoked weed for like three hours!
Okay maybe not that long but because it’s so hot and sticky the smell stayed in the building forever! Tomorrow after I do laundry I’m totally going to buy insense. Sue is getting me a burner for my b-day woohoo!
I have totally decided that I can’t buy a sidekick II even though everyone that walks buy me seems to have one. My monthly expenses are just too high right now. It’s okay though. I figure if I really really still want one in Feb. when my cell phone contract is up then I’ll get one. It would be awesome to have one. But I really don’t need it.
Jen and I were suppose to hang out this weekend, actually she was suppose to call me last night. But neither thing happened. I don’t think she and I are really gonna hang this weekend either. I’m feeling way lazy. I really just need sleep. Maybe some liquor. Of course I say that I won’t go out drinking with her but we all know that come tomorrow night she’ll call and be like, wanna go to Kinsel? Ugh! I hate that place. The food there is totally expensive and well the only reason we go is cause she likes some of the waiters there.
I’m totally freaking about the stuff going on in London though. I so was going to go to London this summer. Now I’m super happy I couldn’t afford it. Better to be alive with a laptop, okay I know that sounds really cold but really, it is! Still though It’s freaking me out because like six hours before the second bombings happened I was looking out my bathroom window thinking I really want to move out of the city cause if terrorists attacked my apartment so wouldn’t be left standing!

Well that’s it for now. Annabelle is starting two new LOCI fan fictions! I can’t believe that girl. She says she has two ideas that are totally buggin’ her but she can’t be bothered to get out of bed and turn on her desktop so we are just gonna have to wait until she recovers from working this week. She is totally not used to the new job she has yet. Sigh!
I get to preview the new fic though. One she has the first chapter posted but she says she is gonna redo it. Woohoo!