I spend way too much money!!!


So I have tracked my expenses for the last three days and I spend way too much money! Since Monday I have spent $67.76 USD! I really can’t believe it. I had no idea! I am not spending any money on food tomorrow. Well I think I have to spend a little because I’m trying this new diet and while I have Banana’s I didn’t buy the shakes that I was going to buy tonight because I didn’t want to have to carry them home. Which means I’m going to have to get up super early tomorrow to go get them. They are having a really great sale at Target.
Boy, am I glad that I didn’t get that Sidekick yet. I’m totally waiting at least a month.
In said news my last remaining gerbil, Gigi, lost her top two front teeth so I don’t know what I’m going to do. I trimmed the buttom ones so that she would stop cutting her gums on them but I don’t know how long she has been without food or anything because I kept putting food in and I thought she was eating it. I went out today and bought her some gerbil pellets and a morter so that I could grind them. I have made three different dishes for her. One that is just baby food, chicken and veggies, one that is a mix of the baby food and the pellets, and one that is just pellets and water. So she has three food dishes now. I’m hoping that this will encourage her to eat.
You know the worst thing is that I really need to get my eyebrows waxed! I was going to go today but now I think I’m gonna have to wait till Saturday. I better call tomorrow and make an appointment.
Well that’s it for now!