blah blah blah….


I wrote in my journal again today. I like it but I was so tired that I mostly just slept on the train today. Plus Vincent called on the way home so I didn’t have any writing time then.
I still really want the Sidekick. I went to T-mobile and the girl there was very nice and said that I could totally port my number after my cingular contract was done. I’m not sure what I’m gonna do though.
I kind of want to sign up for the data plan for the Sidekick and then switch later because even though with the pay as you go I won’t be paying the activation fee I’ll have to pay it later for the post-paid plan.
So now I have to go back again and find out about that. I’m still not a 100% sure I want it though. Now that I’ll be going back to the Boston store I’ll be much closer to my home and I’ll won’t be able to use the internet there at all because there is always something to do there. Seriously. It’s so busy durning the day that you don’t have any downtime until the evening and then you have to work on shipment because it’s all over the place.
I think the best thing is to wait until after I’m there a week or two and see how things go because what if I get the thing and don’t use it?

I cut Emmitt’s hair today some. I have more to cut down. I feel bad because basically I’m cutting all the way down to his skin but I need to because it’s so dry. I need to be able to get at it and put some emu oil on it so it has a chance to get rid of whatever skin problem he has.
Wow. I’m so glad that I didn’t get the Sidekick thing today. I would totally have had buyers regreat. I’m sure of it. Plus T-mobile doesn’t have great coverage everywhere yet. And you can’t do mobile to mobile unless you have a family plan. Well you can add it on but it doesn’t come standard. Hmm…
Well time to get back to TV watching.