My Adoption Story: Your name


What is your name? Did your birth parent(s) give it to you? Did your adoptive parent(s)?

Do you come from a culture that holds names as very important? Do you come from one where names change?

This interests me. So so very much. It took me decades to be comfortable with my name. I know my…

My name comes from my adoptive parents, not my biological parents, or parent as the case for me.

Both my first and middle names are from people in my mother’s family, an aunt of her’s and her mother.  I’ve always liked my first name, it’s not exactly my mother’s aunts name but is very similar.  I did not always like my middle name but now I really like it.

I have never really had a hard time accepting my name because even though I am a different ethnicity than my parents my names are actually very common for people who are of my ethnicity.  And actually I think I am lucky compared to my brothers, who are both biological kids of my parents, and one whom actually went by his middle name for like two years.  Yeah, that’s how much he did NOT like his name.

Personally, I don’t think about what my birth mother would have named me.  Part of me would like to know but the other part of me just does not really care.  I guess that’s just because I do not have a relationship with her, or I’m just feeling bitchy at her today.